Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip to California

It was a quick trip, but we had fun!!!


Ilah said...

It's crazy sometime's the way our live's change course, and we never really planned on that happening. I think it's great you are trying a new Chapter in your book...the best of luck wiht the selling of the home and moving to Ca to go back to school! D.J. I think you will do a great job! As a parent let me reassure you that you are never to old to follow your dreams and I think having children in school will push you that much more becasue they will be watching you like a hawk with "your" homework! We think of you often and always wish we were closer! Lot's of love

DnD Gibb said...

Cannot believe how big Ryan and Jaryn are getting. We are excited for you and your new adventure. Why not! Life is exciting right now anyway as we predict the economy and future legislations. We are anxious to see you on May 2.
So glad you could go to CA together, even Sadie.