Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ryan's Pueblo Soccer Game

Ryan had his first Game away in Pueblo and played so well. We were looking forward to having Jaryn play in Denver but got snowed out instead. Her soccer pictures will have to wait until the next game...

Ryan and Jaryn's Music

Ryan's Piano Competition at Mesa State

Jaryn's braces showing some progress...

Jaryn's band concert at Holy Family

More Sadie...

Sadie's getting bigger by the minute. Jaryn can barely hold her now after 13 weeks!

Sadie's Shower after Jumping in the River and getting covered in mud!

Drying off by the fire...

Easter Weekend

G-ma Marilyn with Jaryn and Cousins in her new Robe and PJ's!!!

Had a great Weenie Roast in the wind and dirt of our front yard.