Thursday, August 07, 2008

What a Summer!

While there is no excuse for lagging behind in my blog updates, here is the condensed version of our life since April...

1. Kids finish Spring Soccer
2. D.J. laid of from Merck (they cut 1200 employees)
3. D.J. freaks out momentarily
4. Becky finds a full-time teaching job
5. D.J. Gets back into the Army National Guard
6. Becky quits full-time job after a few days
7. Becky finds a better part-time position teaching English at Palisade High School
8. D.J. gets a great job with Novo Nordisk
9. Kids back in school and begin Fall Soccer
10. We manage to throw in a few trips and family fun...

Looking at our summer on a list seems so callused so I've added a few pictures to re-assure myself that we actually did have some fun along the way.

Take Care,

D.J. & Becky


national lottery said...
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The monkey bunch said...

Wow, you guys have had a busy summer! I don't blame you. And I certainly wouldn't blame a little freaking out. Congratulations on your new job!

Sally DeFord said...

I'm so happy about DJs new job. I'm loving the blog update and all the pictures. You guys are the cutest family.

Barney Family said...

DJ, I just love the picture of Beckham on the couch with Sadie. I need to blow it up!
It was good to see you, I hope you are both enjoying your new jobs.

DnD Gibb said...

Thanks for a quick and accurate update of your lives. The pictures say it all and are heartfelt meaningful--Fabulous. We appreciate your sharing and will have to get a copy of the family groups at Palisades. Love, Grpa,Grma

The Greens said...

Looks Fun! I'm particularly impressed by the rock climbing pics.